BayesHive: Importing data

To upload a data file, click on the "plus-sign" button on the left button on the left. You will need to enter a name for your new dataset, and then select "upload data". We currently support three data file formats.

Comma-separated values

Use this format to import data from a spreadsheet. You should have header names in the top row and data in the rows below.

CSV file screenshot
For columns with boolean (true/false) data, use "T" or "t" for true and "F" or "f" for false. You can also use Y/N, y/n, t/f, or true/false for boolean data. Please email us at info@bayeshive.com with your file if the upload isn't working right.

Timeseries as comma-sepated values

Again, header labels in the first row. The first coloumn should be the time as a number (which you may interpret as seconds after some point in time.

CSV signal file screenshot
Coming soon: calendar dates for the time row

Matlab files

Try uploading a .MAT file (version 5 or 7 format). Not every data type is supported, so let us know if you have any problems.

Other kinds of data

Email us at info@bayeshive.com or enter a suggestion under "Feedback" for your favourite file format that is not currently supported in BayesHive.