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The Top 7 Tips For Hiring A Painter

Row of Houses Being Painted
Photo by Eirik Hodne on Unsplash

When it comes to painting a home, most people usually go with the most cost-effective painter. However, such a decision will leave your home sporting a fantastic paint job or recovering from a mess. So read on as we dive into some tips that will ensure that you hire the best help for painting your home.

1. Check if They are Registered

One of the first things to enquire about is if they’re registered. While most if not all painters are licensed by the Building Commission, you’ll still find a couple of them that aren’t. So if your job costs over $1000, it’s best to ensure that they’re registered and don’t forget to ask for proof.

2. Ask About How They Price

Before bringing in a painter, it’s best to know exactly where you need work done and how you intend it to be done. However, if you’ve already selected your ideal colors, don’t forget to mention them to the painter. Since painting takes time, it’s best to still set a deadline for the job so that the painter knows when he must be completed. So, if you’re planning to compare the prices before choosing a painter, it’s a great idea to compare and contrast with different contractors.

3. Do They Have Reviews or References

Additionally, it’s also important that references are checked. This can be done by asking the contractor for the names and contacts of customers so that they can be used as references. However, you can also contact the Painters Association and enquire about any potential contractor.

4. How Do They Prep for Work

Before your job can be started, you’ll need to enquire about how the contractor prepares surfaces for work. This involves knowing details about the following:

  • Surface prep
  • Which types and brands of undercoats will be used during the job
  • What color, how many coats of it, what brand of finishing coat will be used
  • How plants and property nearby will be protected

5. Get an Expected Completion Date

As previously mentioned, it’s a great idea to set a start and a finish date. This also ensures that homeowners know exactly how to prepare for the painting crew and how many of them will be on site. In the case where the job isn’t completed on time, reputable painters will generally come to terms with an agreement to remedy the situation.

6. Ask About Their Warranty Policy

Just like any other contractor, painters should also provide a warranty. Warranties usually cover materials and labor. So before you hire professional painters, it’s best to ask about the warranty and ask if you can get a written copy in case you should need it.

7. Get a Second Look at Their Work

If you’re having doubts in your mind about the quality of your job, it might be a good idea to get a quality control specialist to look at the work being provided. Professional painters tend to easily provide this service in the event that it is needed.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the top 7 tips that will guide you in hiring a painter. Professional painters will provide a great quality paint job for your home that will last for many years to come. So, if you’re ever skeptical about a painter, you can always ask for references or their registration certificate.

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