August update

22 August 2013

Thanks to everyone who logged in to have a look around over the last few months. You have provided a lot of valuable feedback about what worked and what didn't. We have fixed a lot of bugs as a result.

In the last month, we have made a number of additional improvements:

  • The address bar URL in your browser now reflects what you are doing in BayesHive. You should be able to bookmark a document you are working on, and come back to it later. The back button should also mostly work.

  • There are now previews of data sets in the Finder. We are working on being able to show shared data sets, documents and models on an external web page without being logged in to BayesHive.

  • Working on larger data sets should now be much faster, because we only transfer the data to your browser once

We are writing more tutorials and extending the documentation. We are also working on major changes to the underlying statistical inference that will allow you to experiment with different algorithms.