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Why You Should Be Investing in SEO?

It’s no secret that the future of retail includes a healthy dose of eCommerce. In fact, the growth of online sales over the past few years has been nothing short of spectacular. The growth of online sales for 2021 in the U.S. is expected to grow 13.7% when compared to 2020. That means that if […]

6 Reasons Local SEO Can Help Your Chicago Painting Business

Can search engine optimization help your Chicago painting business? The answer is yes, SEO can help and it can help in several ways. Anyone who runs a painting business will want to know what these ways are. That being said, here are six different ways SEO can help a painting business in Chicago: Rank High […]

3 Key Pillars of a Successful SEO Campaign

There are several pillars of search engine optimization. However, there are three main ones. The three key pillars of SEO are: Content On-Site SEO Off-Site SEO Have Great Content It includes everything from text, videos, images and PDFs to name a few. Generally speaking, anything that goes on a website is content. Website owners need […]

The Top 7 Tips For Hiring A Painter

When it comes to painting a home, most people usually go with the most cost-effective painter. However, such a decision will leave your home sporting a fantastic paint job or recovering from a mess. So read on as we dive into some tips that will ensure that you hire the best help for painting your […]