BayesHive is web application that makes Bayesian statistics accessible to working researchers across life sciences, social sciences, finance and marketing. You can upload a wide range of data from spreadsheets, timeseries and geographical locations, and use our point-and-click interface to build statistical models for your data. These models can be used to estimate effect sizes, identify subgroups or relationships, predict future responses or drive key decisions.

Baysig is a new probabilistic programming language that enhances the model expressiveness of BUGS-like languages and combines it with general-purpose computing. Baysig allows you to perform Bayesian statistical inference in a wide range of models based on many different kinds of data. To read more about Baysig, you may want to take the quick tour.

When you use BayesHive to analyse your data, the user-friendly point-and-click interface will generate Baysig code for you.

OpenBrain Ltd is a UK-based technology startup building a novel platform for statistical computing. We are a spin-out of an East Midlands-based University, where the core technology was developed, funded by the BBSRC.
OpenBrain Ltd has UK company registration number 8184734.


Email: info@bayeshive.com